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Last Train Home

Eric Brace & Last Train Home: Daytime Highs and Overnight Lows


I didn’t expect to be making another Last Train Home record. It had been a while.


Various East Nashville Artists: Yuletide from the Other Side


Following on the heels of the acclaimed collection of East Nashville music, The Other Side (2006), comes Yuletide From the Other Side, a splendid compilation of 37 songs of seasonal cheer. Once again, the tunes are courtesy of East Nashville's booming music scene. Two CDs packed with December fun, but that you can listen to all year long.


Last Train Home: Last Train Home


"Last Train Home's eponymous debut album resonates with love songs, more often than not the sad, haunting and unresolved kind. It's the stuff of great country music, of course, but [the band is] careful not to let unruly honky-tonk romps get in the way of tortured or torchy heartache." -Washington Post


Last Train Home: Tributaries EP


"You can tell a lot about a group you haven't heard sometimes by the songs they cover.  This is one of those instances because their studio albums are all first-rate." - Village Records

This modest offering is a collection of songs that we've contributed over the years to various tribute and compilation CDs. These are songs that have gotten under our skins one way or another, and we're happy to have this chance to share them with you.


Last Train Home: Live At Iota CD


This rollicking live recording by the acclaimed roots rock band Last Train Home shows the band at their absolute best. The show was recorded at IOTA Club and Cafe, just outside Washington, DC, a place that the band has called its home base for more than 10 years, logging more than 200 shows there. Now based in Nashville, Eric Brace and Last Train Home recorded the show for a 100-minute DVD and also released this CD version of a very special night. The band that night was Eric Brace (acoustic guitar, lead vocals), Kevin Cordt (trumpet), Jim Gray (bass), Jen Gunderman (keyboards, accordian), Martin Lynds (drums), Dave Van Allen (pedal steel), Chris Watling (baritone & tenor saxophones) and Steve Wedemeyer (electric guitar).


Last Train Home: Live At Iota DVD


Last Train Home, the much-lauded roots rock band, celebrated their 10-year anniversary by recording a live DVD at IOTA nightclub in DC, their home base, clubhouse and all-around favorite venue. At the top of their game, Eric Brace and Last Train Home rock the house in this awesome 100-minute live concert DVD.


Last Train Home: Last Good Kiss


"If there’s a consistency to the songs on this album, it’s that they’re all consistently excellent. Brace delivers the vocals with sincerity and authenticity that is nearly devastating—every note and phrase rings of heart-felt and life-lived truth. And if there is a better vocalist working the scene at this time, I really don’t know who it could be. His voice is colored in turns by passion, weariness, elation, and angst. Eric Brace is the real deal. “Last Good Kiss” is a significant step forward in the evolution of a great band, and could very well be the best album of their career. This gets my highest recommendation." - Hermon Joyner, Audiophile Audition


Last Train Home: Bound Away


Bound Away features the band's globally acclaimed alt-country sound, but also shows more varied influences at work. The record's emotional centerpiece, "Hendersonville" is lead singer and songwriter Eric Brace's stunning tribute to Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, one that avoids the potential pitfalls of tribute songs, and stands alone as a fully realized work. There's a deep sense of place in these songs. From the howling dogs of East Nashville in "Dogs on the East Side," to the farm and fields of "They Dance Real Close There," to the Arkansas train in "Marlene," to the Western landscapes of the closing instrumental "Bound Away," all the songs seem to carry a little bit of dirt. Passionate music from a band at the top of their game.


Last Train Home: Time and Water


"...enough soulful ballads and mood-shifting treats to make you wish they'd reconsider their Nashville travel plans..." -Washington Post


Eric Brace & Last Train Home: Six Songs

"My nod for EP of the year goes to Eric Brace & Last Train Home's simply named Six Songs, which pulls together a six-fingered handful of songs they've been playing live for some time now.  Add these tunes to your request list next time you see Eric Brace & Last Train Home play in your neighborhood." - Twangville, Tom's Picks, Best Album 2010

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