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Johnny's Cash & Charlie's Pride

Johnny's Cash & Charlie's Pride

Johnny's Cash & Charlie's Pride:
Lasting Legends &
Untold Adventures in Country Music


Peter Cooper has written a book, folks. And it's really, really good. If you only ever read a single book about Nashville and country music, make this that one book.
For more than a decade, Peter was the country music writer for Nashville's daily newspaper The Tennessean. Over his time covering that style and scene, he got to know the city, its music, its heritage, its history, and its behind-the-scenes truths better than anyone. A few years ago, Peter became Vanderbilt University's professor of country music -- no kidding. And then a couple of years ago he left The Tennessean and joined the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum as a producer/curator/writer. The point being, Peter Cooper knows this stuff inside and out. And he's here to give you the scoop and let you know it inside and out as well.

Here's what some reviewers have said about Johnny's Cash & Charlie's Pride:

American Songwriter: "In Johnny’s Cash & Charley’s Pride: Lasting Legends and Untold Adventures In Country Music, Peter Cooper’s new and eminently readable romp through the mythic history of Nashville-centric country music, he expounds on the delicate dynamics of writing about music." 

Associated Press: "The art of the stories is in the telling, which is where Cooper wins the argument. Arriving at the end of this sparkling collection, few will doubt that writing about music is exactly what Cooper should be doing.
Acoustic Guitar: "Cooper, a songwriter, producer, journalist, and director at the Country Music Hall of Fame’s museum, understands music and the people who make it. They trust and confide in Cooper, often about the acoustic guitars that changed their lives."

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