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Last Train Home: Last Good Kiss

Last Train Home: Last Good Kiss


"If there’s a consistency to the songs on this album, it’s that they’re all consistently excellent. Brace delivers the vocals with sincerity and authenticity that is nearly devastating—every note and phrase rings of heart-felt and life-lived truth. And if there is a better vocalist working the scene at this time, I really don’t know who it could be. His voice is colored in turns by passion, weariness, elation, and angst. Eric Brace is the real deal. “Last Good Kiss” is a significant step forward in the evolution of a great band, and could very well be the best album of their career. This gets my highest recommendation." - Hermon Joyner, Audiophile Audition

After ten years together, Last Train Home has made the finest album of its career, Last Good Kiss. Core members Eric Brace (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Jim Gray (bass), and Martin Lynds (drums, harmony vocals) all moved to Nashville from Washington DC in 2003, the same year their band was named Washington. D.C.'s "Artist of the Year." In Nashville, they teamed up with keyboard player Jen Gunderman (formerly in the Jayhawks) and guitarist Steve Wedemeyer.

Track Listing:

01: Last Good Kiss
02: Flood
03: Anywhere But Here
04: Can't Come Undone
05: Go Now
06: May
07: You
08: I'm Coming Home
09: Kissing Booth
10: Marking Time
11: The Color Blue



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