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Last Train Home: True North

Last Train Home: True North


A mounful, country-tinged aching pervades much of Last Train Home's second album. You can hear it even when the band kicks things into high gear, as it does on such tracks as Eric Brace's own "Louisiana" and Buck Owens' "Heartbreak Mountain". Most of the album, though, unfolds unhurriedly, highlighting the richly layered texture of the band's country-rock and the soulful melancholy at the heart of their songs and in the voice of singer-guitarist Eric Brace.

"Last Train Home shows it has the goods to stick around for a good long while..." -The Journal Newspapers

Track Listing:

01: All Eyes Go
02: Doughbut Girl
03: More and More Amor
04: My Sally
05: Never Been To Memphis
06: Lover's Farewell
07: Louisiana
08: True North
09: It Doesn't Matter
10: Finally
11: Heartbreak Mountain
12: Last Train Home


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