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Autumnal News 2017

Hey Folks,
The world series is on, and the leaves are turning... it must be fall...

Eric and Peter and Thomm have been having a wonderful time playing out in the world spreading the fine music of their new trio release, Profiles in Courage, Frailty, and Discomfort.

Thomm also has a stunning new record out on the Mountain Fever label, called Crazy If You Let It, and you should get it now.

And Eric is about to release a sublime album of French songs called Cartes Postales. Look for that to be available on this website on Nov. 10, with broader digital distribution beginning on Nov. 24.

Eric's father, Paul Brace, was born in France in 1923 to a French mother and American father, and spent the first 24 years of his life in France (many of those years spent under German occupation). He came to the States in 1947, bringing with him a harmonica and a love of songs. Cartes Postales features 11 songs, many of which Eric's father would have known and sung.
Almost all of the instruments on the album (everything but bass and drums) are played by the incredibly talented Rory Hoffman. (He playes gypsy guitar, clarinet, accordion, banjo, sax, piano, harmonica, and more... and plays them all better than anyone...)
The artwork is by Red Beet's talented designer Bill Thompson (see below), and if you scroll past the cover art, you can read Eric's essay, included in the 16 page booklet that comes with the CD.