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We're headed on a wonderful tour of Europe in November, and if you're over on the continent, we hope you'll come and see us!

The concerts are in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. We're returning to some of our absolute favorite venues and we've added several new stops to the list. 
So many good old friends are on our "hope to see" list, as well... There's something magical about touring there on the modest scale that we do this -- playing for a few dozen people in small towns... in community rooms, cultural centers, 19th century tea rooms, 13th century castles... We know we're extraordinarily lucky, and we look forward to seeing you over there this November!
If you're in Europe or have some friends there who might enjoy the music we're making, here is a list of our tour dates.
From Nov. 12 -17, it will be a duo of Eric Brace & Thomm Jutz, and from Nov. 18 - 27, it will be a trio of Eric, Thomm, & Peter Cooper.

Sat. Nov. 12 : Monheim am Rhein, Germany
Sun. Nov. 13: Neudietendorf, Germany
Mon. Nov. 14: Dresden, Germany
Wed. Nov. 15: TV taping in Rosenheim
Tue. Nov. 15: Kempten, Germany
Thu. Nov. 17: Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Fri. Nov. 18: Leipheim, Germany
Sat. Nov. 19: Olten, Switzerland
Sun. Nov. 20: Pieterlen, Switzerland
Mon. Nov. 21: Rottweil, Germany
Tue. Nov. 22: Waldkraiburg, Germany
Wed. Nov. 23: Travel day
Thu. Nov. 24: The Hague, Holland
Fri. Nov. 25: Bakkeveen, Holland
Sat. Nov. 26: Lage Vuursche, Holland
Sun. Nov. 27: Hoorn, Holland

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