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ERIC BRACE & PETER COOPER RELEASE NEW ALBUM, "Master Sessions." Check out the video here.

This beautiful new album was built around and features two of Eric & Peter's instrumental heroes, master dobro player Mike Auldridge and legendary pedal steel guitarist Lloyd Green.  Eric and his band Last Train Home had recorded with Mike Auldridge previously on a CD called "The Skylighters."  Peter had an ongoing collaboration with Lloyd Green.  This was their bright idea: invite these two giants of their instruments into a Nashville studio to have a musical conversation with each other, using some songs Eric and Peter wrote and some they chose as conversation-starters.  They surrounded Mike and Lloyd with the most talented and sympathetic musicians they know: Richard Bennett on guitar, Jen Gunderman on keyboards and accordion, Pat McInerney on drums and Dave Roe on Bass.  The first track is a beautiful, harmony-driven cover of an old Seldom Scene favorite, "Wait A Minute."  The low harmony part is by Kenny Chesney.  Yep, that one...he's a big Seldom Scene fan too and this is one of his favorite songs.  Turns out he's not a bad Americana sideman!  And you'll also hear vocals by Julie Lee and Jon Randall. 
Check out this VIDEO, which features Eric, Peter, Lloyd Green & Mike Auldridge talking about this exciting new project. 

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