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Hey folks! If you're going to be in Kansas City for Folk Alliance this year, you can catch Eric & Peter's official showcase on Saturday, February 22 at 6:30pm in Century C. Below is the Red Beet Records Private Showcase schedule - we're room 748 - please stop by!

Thursday, February 20
10:30pm Peter Cooper
11:00pm Danny Schmidt
11:30pm Jim Lauderdale
12:00am Eric Brace & Peter Cooper
12:30am Wild Ponies
1:00am Carolina Story
1:30am Guitar Pull/Jam

Friday, February 21
10:30pm Amy Speace
11:00pm Carrie Elkin
11:30pm Tim Easton
12:00am Eric Brace & Peter Cooper
12:30am SHEL
1:00am Kim Richey
1:30am Guitar Pull/Jam

Saturday, February 22
10:30pm Rod Picott
11:00pm Jesse Lafser
11:30pm John Fullbright
12:00am Eric Brace & Peter Cooper
12:30am Jordie Lane
1:00am Anne McCue
1:30am Guitar Pull/Jam

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