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NASA Creates Video for Eric Brace's song "Tranquility Base" in Honor of Neil Armstrong


Hey everyone,

I'm extraordinarily honored and proud that the folks at NASA heard my song "Tranquility Base" and are using it to help commemorate the first anniversary of Neil Armstrong's death (Sunday). The video they created to accompany the song, using footage from the historic Apollo 11 mission, is spectacularly beautiful and moving and can be seen here on NASA's website.

I was a nine-year-old boy when Apollo 11 landed on the moon and like most people back then I was pretty obsessed with the space program, building models of the Saturn V rocket and such. I knew the names of all the astronauts and was pretty certain that I'd be walking on the moon someday. Being the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong captured my imagination, and his reticence in later years about his experience made me curious. That's where this song came from.

Back in 2009, we made a video of our own to accompany "Tranquility Base." Through the miracles of modern communication, I found out that I was just one degree of separation from Neil Armstrong, and was happy to hear that he watched the video. Via that one degree, I received the following words from Neil himself: "Please convey my thanks to Eric and tell him I enjoyed his composition and his performance very much."

You can imagine how that made me feel, to hear from the man himself (even though he didn't answer any of the dozens of questions I posed him in the song!). And to now see what NASA has done, letting my song be a part of their official remembrance of Neil, I can barely believe it. Thank you NASA, and thank you Neil.

- Eric


Download "Tranquility Base" on iTunes by clicking here.

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