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"SIX SONGS" - Twangville's Pick for 2010 Best EP

Twangville's Tom Osborne names Eric Brace & Last Train Home's "Six Songs" as the Best EP of 2010.
"My nod for EP of the year goes to Eric Brace & Last Train Home's simply named ‘Six Songs’ which pulls together a six-fingered handful of songs they’ve been playing live for some time now. Brace sings in near perfect French with a couple of the tracks (“Autumn Leaves”, “Et Maintenant / What Now My Love”). The band frolics in the bayou with the carefree “Big Fish” a song Brace picked up while traveling through France. “My Baby Just Cares For Me” which through the years has been covered by Nat King Cole and George Michael surfaces with a rendition closer to the 1928 original than the famous 1958 Nina Simone version. The "Karl Straub penned "Soul Parking" is a personal favorite track on the EP. Add these tunes to your request list next time you see Eric Brace & Last Train Home play in your neighborhood"
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