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Spring 2017

It's been too long since the last update, folks, so we wanted to let you know about lots of stuff that's been happening and that will be happening throughout the rest of the year:

* Eric Brace & Peter Cooper are recording a new album, but this time it is an Eric Brace & Peter Cooper AND Thomm Jutz album. It'll be a full trio, much like the boys have been performing lately, playing their guitars and singing together, playing songs they've each written, separately and together... Thomm has engineered and co-produced (and played and sung on) Eric and Peter's last two releases (The Comeback Album and C&O Canal), and toured with them lots. The three of them have created a sound unlike anyone else's, and this new album will capture that.
Due out in May, with "record release" shows being added to the tour page regularly, so keep checking.

* Peter Cooper has written a book -- his second, actually. It's called Johnny's Cash & Charlie's Pride: Lasting Legends and Untold Adventures in Country Music, and man, is it good! It is released by the excellent Spring House Press publishing company. You really need this book. It will be available soon here on this site.
Here's a link to a review:


* And Eric Brace has been recording an album of old French songs (yep, sung in French) in Thomm's studio that will be coming out later in the spring. Inspired by his father's boyhood in France, Cartes Postales will include songs by folks like Charles Trenet and Yves Montand, along with some more obscure and more recent gems. The band is basically the spectacular Rory Hoffman, the multi-instrumental genius who also happens to be blind. On this record, Rory plays guitar, accordion, clarinet, piano, harmonica, tenor sax, banjo... hmmm, let's see, what else. Oh yes, and he whistles. Backed by the sublime rhythm section of Mark Fain (bass) and Lynn Williams (drums), it's an album that you didn't know you were waiting for, but you will soon understand that you really were, deep down.
It might be hard to put together a record release concert of this material, on account of not being able to clone Rory, but here in the Red Beet Bunker, we're betting they figure out how to do it... we'll keep you posted on that!


* On the touring front, there will be gigs throughout the spring and summer with Eric, Peter, and Thomm... and in July, Eric & Thomm will do a duo tour of England and Scotland, while in November, the trio is looking to put together a run of dates in Ireland. Stay tuned!



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