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Peter Cooper: Mission Door

Peter Cooper: Mission Door


"Peter Cooper looks at the world with an artist's eye and a human heart and soul. His songs are the work of an original, creative imagination, alive with humor and heartbreak and irony and intelligence, with truth and beauty in the details. Deep stuff. And they get better every time you listen to them." -Kris Kristofferson

Mission Door is the debut album from Peter Cooper, a songwriter from East Nashville, Tennessee.  It's an incredible collection, and it's Cooper's first. And it's the work of a man who's spent the better part of his adult life as a music writer and critic for The Tennessean newspaper, Esquire , No Depression , Mix magazine, and the Encyclopedia Britannica, among many others. His published work conveys a fan's enthusiasm and a scholar's knowledge. And so why not quit right there? After all, there's a notion that folks who write about music just aren't that good at making it. Well, Cooper's not good at it. He's great at it.

Track Listing:
01: Boy Genius
02: All the Way to Heaven
03: Wine
04: Couple of Lies
05: Take Care
06: Mission Door
07: They Hate Me
08: 715 (For Hank Aaron)
09: Sheboygan
10: One by One
11: Andalusia
12: Thin Wild Mercury

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