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Various East Nashville Artists: The Other Side: Music From East Nashville

Various East Nashville Artists: The Other Side: Music From East Nashville


"I've hardly ever heard a compilation - let alone a two-record compilation - that holds up so well.  I can listen to the whole thing." - Alex McCollough

There's more great music coming out of zip code 37206 than any place in the country, and we offer this double-CD compilation as proof. You can't swing a cat around East Nashville without hitting a great musician. Songwriters cause traffic jams at the local coffee shop. Sidewalks are crowded with folks like Todd Snider, Garrison Starr, Paul Burch, Elizabeth Cook, Kevin Gordon, Last Train Home, Thad Cockrell, Chely Wright. This CD's got them all and tons more.  East Nashville: prepare to be amazed at how much great music is coming from such a small patch of land.

Thanks to the artists who generously donated songs for this compilation, which benefits the Martha O'Bryan Center in East Nashville. The Center offers employment and education services to the neediest of our community's residents.

Disc One:
1. Todd Snider - "Some Things Are"
2. Last Train Home - "Last Good Kiss"
3. Claire Small - "Rewind"
4. Jon Langford - "Poem, John Peel"
5. Paul Burch - "John Peel"
6. Dave Coleman - "Closing Door"
7. Elizabeth Cook - "Don't Bother Me"
8. Jon Byrd - "Jackknife"
9. Amelia White - "Black Doves"
10. Kevin Gordon - "24 Diamonds"
11. Peter Cooper - "Ol' Strom"
12. Thad Cockrell - "Senselessly Blue"
13. Chely Wright - "Wish Me Away"
14. Mack Starks - "Orphan"
15. Matthew Ryan - "Misundercould"

Disc Two:
1. Stephen Simmons & Eric Fritsch - "Drink Ring Jesus (remix)"
2. Kieran Kane - "Hysteria"
3. Tim Carroll - "Five Year Town"
4. Garrison Starr - "Try"
5. Sergio Webb - "A Better Place to Be"
6. Rick Clark - "Crack in the Sky"
7. Steve Wedemeyer - "Matchbox of Promises"
8. Jennifer Nicely - "Nightwalk"
9. Casey Driessen - "The Confusion Before Dreams"
10. Circus Dog Serenade - "Nothing Is Wrong"
11. K.S. Rhoads - "Dead Language"
12. Tom Mason - "Ramblin'"
13. Meghan Hayes - "A Birthday in the Pawn Shop"
14. Rich Gilbert - "400 Miles To Go"
15. The Skylighters - "Nevertheless"
16. Todd Snider - "From a Rooftop"


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